DIY: Rockin’ Coffee Sleeve

Every morning when I commute, I stop at a nearby Europa Cafe for a big ‘ole cup of java to-go to start my day. If I were better prepared, I’d have brewed my cup at home and brought it in a travel mug.  But I’m just not that together in the morning. I’ve felt guilty though because not only am I throwing away a cup and lid every day, but I’m also throwing away the coffee sleeve. Not really environmentally friendly, huh?

Enter Lish Dorset at Craft magazine. Last month, she posted on and on her website,, a tutorial on how to make your own coffee sleeve from duct tape. This isn’t your standard issue silver-ish/gray duct tape. I had no idea that duct tape came in different prints and colors!

Lish was awesome enough to send me one her own Rock ‘n Roll coffee sleeves (pictured above). If you would like to make your own coffee sleeve, please check out her easy tutorial here.

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  1. Amy says:

    What a great idea! You will be rocking the coolest coffee sleeve.

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