First Blog Award!

Oh happy day! I am so honored! The blog is only 6-months old and I received my first ever blog award from Steph at Stuff Steph Does. If she hadn’t already nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, I’d have nominated her. Thank you Steph!

The rules of the Versatile Blogger award is that the blogger nominated must share 7 things about themselves and nominate other bloggers that they follow or have recently discovered.

7 Things

  1. Original professional dream was to be an editor at a children’s book publisher. New dream is to become a professional graphic designer (soon!)
  2.  I was in the color guard in high school and twirled a flag, rifle and baton. It was lots of fun, but so not cool. Our uniforms were hideous! One year the theme was Newsies (this was the early 90’s) and we all had to dress like newsboys. Nobody had even really heard of Newsies and now it’s on Broadway – who knew?
  3. I’m a huge cat lover and I grew up pretty scared of dogs. When I met my husband, he already owned a German Shepherd/Lab mix, Jackie. She’s the sweetest dog and has totally transformed me into a dog lover. Isn’t she adorable?
  4. Love love love roller coasters! It certainly helped that my parents live not far from Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom.
  5.  I entered college as a history major, switched to political science/economics double major and ended up graduated in a degree in English.
  6.  My family moved around a couple of times when I was a kid.We started in Pittsburgh and then moved to South Florida and then finally to Allentown, PA where my parents still live.
  7. My sister and I are 10-years apart and I chose her name before she was born. Her name, Lucinda, was inspired by the family tree in A Mouse Family Album.

Versatile Blogger Nominations

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Check ’em out!

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