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  1. Melissa
    16 August, 2012

    Boy, do I ever. If procrastination were a country, I’d be Queen. Oy. It’s the bane of my life. And when I think more deeply about it, I wonder where it comes from. Am I just lazy (berate, wear hair shirt, feel like crap train of thought.) Or is it about fear of success (existential, psychological train of thought). Or do we just all need to procrastinate sometimes because we can’t be brilliant, creative and productive all the time (good enough mother, pat on the back, strong ego train of thought)? I don’t know, but I’m with you sister! I say — let the dress go if you are frustrated with it, and come back to it when you feel fresh and motivated to fix the dang zipper. Or maybe that’s just my “we need to be having FUN” train….

    • Tressa
      19 August, 2012

      Thanks Melissa! After a glass of wine and some perspective I ended up Googling “invisible zippers” and found some great tips and discovered my problems were equipment related. So it wasn’t me!! Woo hoo! Giving it one last shot this week.

      Thanks for reading my rant :)

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