On the Needles: Put a Yo on it Sweater

OK, so I know I haven’t finished many knitting projects in the past year, but I couldn’t resist starting this crocheted-looking sweater from Army of Knitters. I first saw it on Ravelry in the Anthropologie Knits group.

It’s a great pattern and very easy. Once you complete the band of ribbing at the base of the sweater, it’s just a series of yarn overs (a.k.a. yo’s). Also it’s a great project to knit while watching new Fall TV. (Pssst – Once Upon a Time, Revenge and Homeland all start on September 30– my DVR is going to be on overdrive!)

I’ll never look like this model, but you get the idea. Carmac sweater from Army of Knitters

I figure, since it’s a transitional-season sweater, I’ll need to complete it sooner rather than later. From the looks of it on Ravelry, people have completed it in a matter of days! I’m not so lucky, but I am proud to say that I’m about 1/3 of the way through — woo-hoo! Next post on this project will be the finished piece!

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3 Responses to On the Needles: Put a Yo on it Sweater

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  2. Vale says:

    Hi! I’m trying ti knit a Carnac BUT there is an error in the pattern BUT I’m not able to find it… Tenere are some problems with the markers, I think. Can you help me?! Think you!!!

    • Tressa says:

      Hi Vale — what specifically is the problem? I didn’t encounter any errors in the pattern — just that the sleeves are a little snug. You may want to also check out Ravelry, Quite a few people have reviewed this pattern there as well.

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