The Boyfriend Sweater Curse

If you’ve been knitting for a while, you’ve invariably heard of the “Boyfriend Sweater Curse.” The gist of the curse is say you’ve been dating someone for a bit and you decide for the holidays or birthday, you’re going to make them a scarf or sweater. It’s something you enjoy doing and you think they’ll love it. But then you give them the gift and that’s when things start to get weird… All of a sudden, they’re distant and acting odd. Turns out they’re attaching more meaning into the sweater/scarf/hat/whatever than you meant.  They start thinking that you are more serious about the relationship than you really are.  They start feeling claustrophobic (is it getting hot in here??) And then they freak out, disappear and/or dump you.

Or something like that.

If you Google “Boyfriend Sweater Curse” you will find pages on the topic. There is a Wikipedia page devoted to the topic as well as a romance novel called…”The Sweater Curse.” Knitters ask on message boards, does a hat count? (Answer: It depends.) It’s Sweater Curse Hysteria!

On my third date with a guy (now my husband), he asked me if I would knit him something. I was like whoa, buddy, slow down. No can do. I then told him about The Curse. He declared it was bullsh*t, but I was adamant. Finally he asked, how many dates do we have to go on before you’ll knit me a scarf? I said, 40 dates. After 40 dates, I’ll knit you a scarf. And I did and he loved it.

I think there is some truth to the curse, but mostly it’s crap. If your significant other has expressly asked that you make them something, I say go for it (even if they aren’t Ryan Gosling). Like any good fairy tale, true love breaks the curse!

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  1. Amy says:

    I still love you & my pot holders aka hot pads. :)

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