Fall 2012 Sewing: Recreate Looks from Dior, BCBG and YSL

I must confess that I’m a bit of a magazine queen. There are towers of magazines all over the apartment, driving my husband crazy. I try to organize them in order of urgency in which I want to read them, but it gets to be too much. My problem is that I’ll subscribe to almost anything –especially fashion magazines.

So while all the fashionistas have already devoured their September issues, I only just got to them this past weekend (quelle horreur!). Well, specifically I got to the phonebook-sized issue, otherwise known as September Vogue. While I was flipping through the issue, I was trying to think of how I could recreate the fall fashion trends that I liked with available sewing patterns.

Christian Dior’s Peplum

Christian Dior Couture, Fall 2012

Usually I only like a couple of pieces in any given designer’s collection, but I fell in love with almost every piece in Christian Dior’s fall couture collection. J’adore Dior! The emphasis was on an hourglass and feminine silhouette — very Betty Draper. The waists were nipped in from the coats and dresses to yes, the peplum. Above, the peplum is paired with a trim pair of cigarette pants. It’s modern-day Audrey!

Vogue 8815

You can recreate the look with the peplum pattern in Vogue 8815. To make it a little edgier, try using faux leather like Erica did on Erica B. DIY Style –it looks amazing and ties in the leather trend as well.

Vogue 8837

For the slim pants, Vogue 8837 has a pattern for tapered, cuffed pant. Paired with pointy heels and the peplum, you’ve got the Dior look!

BCBG Max Azria’s Colorblocking

BCBG Max Azria, Aliza color-blocked dress

Just like colorblocking was hot in spring and summer, the trend continues into fall. You could pay $298 for this dress from BCBG Max Azria (ab0ve), or you could sew your own dress using Vogue 1313 (below). For a flattering combination, pair a dark color for the side panels and a bright color for the front, like the BCBG dress.

Vogue 1313

The edge this dress has over the BCBG dress? Pockets!

Yves Saint Laurent’s Fit & Flare Dress

YSL’s textured-knit detailed dress, Fall 2012

If I only take away one trend for fall, it’s that red is the “It” color this season — the new black, if you will. Shades of red were everywhere, but burgundy, was specifically the color that appeared at all of the shows.

A great way to incorporate red or burgundy into your wardrobe is in a fit and flare dress, like this dress from YSL (above). This dress, while beautiful, retails for just over $2,000. Yes, $2,000! Or, you could make your own couture dress with Simplicity 1802, a Cynthia Rowley pattern.

Simplicity 1802

With a couple of key pieces like these, you’ll be all set for fall. Now I need to catch up on all my other September issues before the October magazines start arriving!

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    This was an amazing post! These are some of my favorite trends too.

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