A Little Tipsy? Step Away from Amazon.com!

Over the last couple years as technology advances, I’ve had to make some “rules” for myself after I’ve had a Manhattan (or two). First it was No Drunk Dialing. Next it was No Drunk Texting. Then — No Drunk Facebook Updates.


Now I might need to add this rule: No Drunk Online Shopping. On the UK’s Daily Express site yesterday, they ran a story about the dangers of drinking and shopping online. In a study, apparently 50% of Scots surveyed were found to have shopped online after getting hammered—usually between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.  Of those, 33% did some, if not all, of their holiday shopping online. Some didn’t realize that had bought anything online until friends told them (!) or when they received the emailed receipt.

In the UK, the survey found that Scots averaged about £19 (roughly $30) more per year in their drunk shopping binges compared to the UK average.

Being inebriated, I’m sure their purchases were pretty interesting. (Kelly would love a 26-pound Gummy Bear!) The more unusual items included an organ keyboard, a wooden carving of a Harley Davidson and…knitting patterns. They must have been pretty drunk — don’t they know you can get free knitting patterns online?

Read the full article here.

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  1. Paragraph Film Reviews says:

    Story… hic… of my life… hic!

    Apparently you make the best decisions when you need a pee, so why not combine shopping and the Scottish past-time of boozing?!?! :-p

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