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Exciting news! The Stitcherati is going through a redesign! OK, I guess it’s really more exciting for me. I haven’t posted much lately because I’m enrolled in web design class at Parsons in their continuing education department.  So a fully redesigned site will be ready to launch in early-mid May.


Progress is going well so far. My first job was so find a web host (done!) and then move the blog from the WordPress.com platform to the more customization-friendly WordPress.org platform. After tearing my hair out for about a week, I finally transitioned everything over! This template is just a temporary one until the full redesign is complete.


Currently I’m laying out the blog and seeing what works design-wise. That’s really fun—choosing a color palette (see below), typography and a template layout. My mood board is very French-themed, but having a hard time really incorporating it into the design. I’ll probably be able to convey that sensibility in the typography (which is another class I’m taking). That’s the fun stuff!

At the same time I’m learning how to code it in HTML and CSS. It’s quite a learning curve, I have to tell you, but once I’m done, I’ll be a coding whiz!


Writing the blog has been so eye-opening these last couple months. A blogger is a writer, editor, photographer, art director and IT department all wrapped up into one. It’s like a mini-magazine staffed by one person.  So now I’m adding designer to that list.


I’ll still be posting craft and food items, but please stay tuned for the big reveal in May!

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