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Graphic Design Inspiration at The Cooper-Hewitt

Aerial view of Governor’s Island, by Danny McL via Flickr

You know how you make a mental list of things you want to do during the summer and then you realize in late August that not only summer has passed you by, but also you’ve done practically nothing on that list? That totally happened to me last week.

Thank goodness it was a long Labor Day weekend– I knocked two of those items off the list! The first was tubing in the Delaware River (so fun!) and the other was visiting the Graphic Design – Now in Production exhibit on Governor’s Island, co-sponsored by Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum and the Walker Art Center.

While I’ve been working on my graphic design portfolio, I’ve been entering logo design contests on 99designs.com. I was working on a restaurant logo and hit a creative wall. Everything I was coming up with seemed too boring. Visiting the exhibit was the perfect way to get some inspiration.

The installations were mostly print and film-title based and all of the work was created since 2000. The exhibit closed after September 3, but below are some of the highlights.

Iconic TV Posters

From top right: The Wire – phone, Weeds – dime bag of pot, Friends – Central Perk coffee cup, 30 Rock – NBC logo colors

From top right: Homer’s hair from The Simpsons, Charlie’s Angels speakerphone, the scrubs on…Scrubs and glass of Scotch on Mad Men

Austrian designer, Albert Exergian designed these reductive, minimalist posters of well-known American TV shows using a mid-century Swiss modernist sensibility. By using one basic image, he conveys the essential theme of the show. It’s a tough call, but my two favorites are the posters for Friends and Weeds.

If you are interested in seeing more of Exergian’s work, you can visit his site here. He is also selling these poster prints at Print-Process.

Graphic Gig Posters

Aesthetic Apparatus posters

These screen-printed posters were designed by Minneapolis-based studio, Aesthetic Apparatus. What’s interesting is that they used printed test versions of the posters and then overprinted different posters on top of them. Each poster you see above is a collage of multiple posters. Some of these are sold as limited-edition prints on Gigposters.com.

Behind-the-Scenes Magazine Design

This is a making-of video of The Church of London’s movie magazine, Little White Lies and their special Black Swan issue. Cool stuff!

Visual Identity System

17th Biennale of Sydney visual system, by Jonathan Barnbrook

Designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, this was the visual identity of the 17th Biennale of Sydney, an international festival of contemporary art.


Apercu and Liza fonts

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