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Anthropologie-Inspired Felt Lobster Ornament

The Stitcherati lobster ornament

This year is the first year my husband and I have a Christmas tree for the holidays. Granted, it’s practically a little Charlie Brown tree, but it’s an upgrade from the Christmas poinsettia from last year. Can’t really decorate that!

Being the crafty sort, I wanted to make some ornaments. And not an ornament that looks like a pipe cleaner attached to a paper cup (ahem, little sister dear) either. So, while shopping in Anthropologie recently, I was inspired by the most adorable lobster ornament. A lobster! I could soooo make that!

Spangled Sea Lobster ornament from Anthropologie

Since then, I’ve been working on a pattern and mapping out the mechanics of putting it together. So, without further adieu, below are directions for you very own Christmas crustacean. Oh, and while you’re crafting your ‘lil lobster, might as well listen to the B52’s “Rock Lobster.”

‘Lil Rock Lobster Ornament

Finished size: Approximately 5″ x 9-1/2″ (body)


  • 9″ x 12″ felt
  • Sequins in various colors
  • Seed beads
  • Bead wire
  • Embroidery floss to match felt (I used red DMC 321)
  • Embroidery floss in various colors (I used blue DMC 995 and gold DMC S676)
  • Embroidery hoop and needle
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Scissors
  • Round nose pliers
  • Side cutter pliers
  • Piece of silk ribbon

Click on the link for the free PDF of the“Lil Rock Lobster Pattern.


1. Print and cut out the lobster ornament pattern. Fold the 9″ x 12″ felt in half and pin the pattern to the felt. Leaving about a 1/4″ clearance around the pattern, trace the pattern with a pen.

2. Unfold the felt and embellish away! I found it was much easier to embellish the ornament before I cut it out. That way, I could use an embroidery hoop to keep the felt taut. Also, I highly recommend Jenny Hart’s book, Embroidered Effects, for embroidery inspiration. For this project, I used 3-ply and used the herringbone, star, fern and running stitches. Also, while you are embroidering and sewing on sequins, be mindful to keep some clearance from the edge (see below).

 3. Using the side cutter, cut two lengths of bead wire, about 6″ each. These will be for the antennae. Also, I realized after I made it, the lobster ornament is not anatomically correct. You’ll need to cut out 8 legs, not 4– oops! Each leg should be about 3″.

4. Then, using the round nose pliers, grip one end of the wire for the antenna and create a small loop with the wire. This will keep the seed beads from falling off the wire. Do this for the other antenna and the legs. Then, string on the beads and when finished, use the round nose pliers to make another small loop at the other end.

5. Fold the felt in half again and pin together. Then cut out the lobster pattern along the pen lines. Also cut out two tails. Keep the two body pieces pinned (wrong sides together) and sandwich the lobster tail in between. To secure the tail to the body, hand sew the tail to the back body piece so the stitching won’t appear in the front. Then, map out where to place the beads for the eyes, antennae and legs. Also, cut out a small piece of silk ribbon for the loop of the ornament. Then, like the tail, sew and secure the bead wire and loop to the inside of the back body piece. For the beads for the eyes, sew to the front body piece.

6. Once everything is attached, hand sew the front and back body pieces together. I used 2-ply of red embroidery floss that matched the felt and used a decorative blanket stitch to attach the body pieces together. After the claws has been sewn together, lightly start to stuff with the polyester fiberfill. Before the lobster is completely sewn together, leave about a 1″ opening and stuff the rest of the ornament. Then sew the gap together.

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Roundup of 5 Creative Craft Finds

When I’m looking for craftsperation, I typically check out what is happening on Ravelry, CraftGawker, Craftster and Pinterest. While I was playing around online this weekend, I found these fabulous projects below.


1. Maker Land’s hedgehog pincushion tutorial– SO STINKIN’ CUTE!

2. QuirkieCraft’s embroidered hoop with hair made out of buttons. Simply beautiful! She also has an Etsy shop. I don’t know why, but the Salon Selective’s jingle from early 90’s is now stuck in my head! Like she just stepped out of a salon…

3. A knitted cabled pillow cover from Cinnamon Teal Handmade – I want this now!


4. Tutorial for Victorian-looking decoupaged Altoids gift tins from Junk & Stuff


5. Summer nautical tank dress sewing tutorial from Southern Lovely. I cannot resist anything with stripes!


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Where Embroidery Meets Typography

Last night I was reading the latest issue of How magazine, the Typography & Interactive Design issue (on newsstands until August 20th), and I came across a story about two designers who combine graphic design with embroidery – so in my wheelhouse!

Maricor and Maricar Manalo, twins, set up their Sydney-based studio in 2010 after a stint at the design and film studio, Mathematics. Their work has appeared most recently in GOOD magazine, Esquire UK and the Land of Nod, a children’s furniture retailer affiliated with Crate & Barrel, who’s blog shows step-by-step how the twins developed the catalog cover.

Land of Nod Winter 2012 catalog cover, by Maricor/Maricar

Some other samples of their work:

Sweater Letter “P”, by Maricor/Maricar

Rolling Stones lyric, Standing in Line with Mr. Jimmy, embroidered by Maricor/Maricar

Sesame Street embroideries for Jim Henson tribute group show, ‘The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me’ held at Nucleus Gallery (USA)

For more samples of their work, visit their website and their blog.

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