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When Your Creation Doesn’t Match Your Vision

photo by Nige Harris, via Flickr

photo by Nige Harris, via Flickr

So I’m in the midst of changing careers and I gotta say, it’s tough. But what doesn’t kill you, makes your stronger, amiright? I am going from a very straight-forward career that was based on processes, numbers and schedules to a creative, color-outside-the-lines-type of career in graphic design.

Lately, some of my designs have been a little ho-hum. I have this vision in my head of what I want something to look like, but the end result looks nothing like it. So that’s frustrating… It also makes me question, “Am I good enough?”  Thankfully, I’m married to a writer, who understands these doubts and assures me, these thoughts are completely normal.

Then today, I came across this video gem from Ira Glass. It was exactly what I needed.



So I am just going to keep designing. It’s all part of the process. And if I need to step away for a bit, I’ll read a new book. Or find a cool design blog. Or go for a run!

Signing up for a class helps me through creative slumps too. Today, I signed up for a free online class on Aquent Gymnasium, called “Coding for Designers.” I come from a print background, so I understand how to design for printers. But web design, or at least how to execute web design, is much more elusive to me. And this class is quick! There are only 6 lessons and they’re bite-sized enough to do one every day. At the end of the lesson, there’s a short quiz and an assignment. I’ve only completed lesson 1, but I’m loving this class and I definitely recommend it if you are a print designer wanting to know more about web design.

So what do you do when you have self-doubt?

If you want to sign up for the “Coding for Designers” class, please click here. Enrollment is open through September 2.


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Sponsored Post: Blogging Inspiration

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Photo by sweetjessie, via Flickr

Two years ago, I jumped from print to Internet publishing with a new job that combined both print and online elements. To get ahead, I enrolled in both a Mediabistro blogging class and subsequently a crafts-blogging tutorial, taught by Sister Diane on CraftyPod.  Suddenly, my cloistered world opened to HTML and CSS; web hosting; the esoteric art of SEO…Oh yes, and marathon training-like time-management in a big hurry!

Thankfully, I already had a topic–a blog about making things by hand. This would connect my knitting/sewing/cooking hobby with my interest in graphic design, as well as my more pressing need to achieve even a novice’s fluency of online publishing.

Photo by ali edwards, via Flickr

But, my beloved blog has bloomed into so much more. Since starting it, I have never been so inspired or learned so much. The Stitcherati has become my engine (and inner-voice), motivating me to overcome my tendency toward procrastination and follow through on projects I likely would never have undertaken, so much as completed.

Also, my discovery of other bloggers has pushed me to try new things. Today, I follow over 60 blogs. Without their inspiration, I never would have created a raven stencil and painted it on a mug. Or attempt to bake with fondant. Or make a desert planter that reminded me of my childhood.

Photo by Katey Nicosia, via Flickr

And of course, there are the readers. Outside family, I don’t know many with whom I can share my crafting passion. But, the craft-blogging world is ginormous and even I have managed a following! These people get it! They get the long, painstaking road to complete a project. They get what it takes to make something look good! They get a part of me.

That old saying rings true – the one about the journey meaning more than the destination. It bookends neatly with my blog’s theme– the process of making things, from beginning to end, from the challenges faced to the solutions attained. To the people I learned from along the way. The experience has changed my life. And I love it! Here’s to Year Two. Thank you!


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