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Sewing Project: Spring Fever Dress (Vogue 8766)

So, it’s been a while! I have some updates on the dress I’m making for the Sew the Perfect Fit class on Craftsy. I put this sewing project to the side for a couple of weeks to work on some other things. Part of it was because it was a little daunting to make all of the changes to the pattern and then sew another muslin. But it must be done!

Ooh…pasty! Someone needs some color.


This weekend I went back to it and realized that I had raised the waistline waaaay too much in the bodice with the last revision. So, I’m now on my 3rd bodice muslin, but I’m pretty happy with it.  The shoulders fit well, there’s enough room in the bust and I can move around in it comfortably. Third time’s a charm!



Since Betty, my dress form, is close to my shape, but not 100%, I felt it best to sew the zipper in to see how the dress fit me for real. The skirt definitely needs more work. In the front, there are draglines in the hip area, but excess fabric in the center towards the bottom. I think when I first added fabric to the skirt front, I added it towards the center, instead of closer to the side seams.


In the back, the bodice is mostly fine—I just may slightly raise the darts, but other than that, it looks good. The skirt though…I need to add a little more to the rear/hip area. It’s a little tight and uncomfortable to sit.

So back to altering the pattern! After I make these changes, I’ll review again. If the skirt isn’t hanging right, I was thinking about making it slightly A-line in order to make it a little more flattering.

Getting there!

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