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Just Do It Already

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If there were a Procrastination Club, I’d be President. I don’t know why that’s the case. Nobody in my family seems to have this particular affliction. It’s weird. But, I’ve always viewed it as my fatal flaw.

I remember for my freshman English class, our first assignment was to write a definition essay.  Naturally, the first topic I thought of was defining procrastination and what it means to me.  I wish I could find that paper, but I wrote it a bazillion years ago and it’s probably on a floppy disk somewhere. (What computer reads those now anyway?) The important thing is that I got an A+ on my first paper in college and it encouraged me to major in English. Go figure.


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The thing is, I don’t want to procrastinate. I’ve read articles that procrastination is part of the creative process. Yeah, sometimes, but in general I think that for me it’s a fear of failure.

I bring this up because my Audrey Hepburn dress has been staring at me from my dress form for weeks. OK, two months really. It’s starting to get a layer of dust. I was so gung-ho in the beginning and then I hit a snag with the zipper. I picked it up again two weeks ago and attempted to fix the zipper while watching Bridesmaids on TV. There I was with my seam ripper, squinting at the tiny black stitches on the black zipper tape for the entire movie. Then I tried to sew the zipper in again. Major fail. UGH!!

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So I need to start all over again – which includes taking the zipper out AGAIN. Feeling more than a little frustrated here. And that’s why I’ve been afraid to go back to it.  I’ve made some stupid personal rule that I can’t take on any new projects until I finish this dress. It’s like I’m punishing myself—why?? So my crafting has really come to a halt. That’s not good–I write a craft blog!

So I’m writing this post as motivation to finish the dress. As my mom (or Nike) says, I’m going to “Just Do It!” And the zipper? It will not beat me! (waving fist at dress form)

Do any of you suffer from a crisis in crafty procrastination? If so, do share!

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