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DIY Rubber Stamp Embossing

Last week I took a holiday card-making class at the Paper Source in Soho. It was so much fun! However, what really blew my mind was the rubber stamp embossing technique.

For whatever reason, rubber stamping has been off my crafting radar. But after this class, I thought how about making embossed thank you cards? Usually I only need one or two cards at a time and I’ve been sending the same Papyrus thank you cards for about 2 years.  Even though they are gorgeous, I’m kind of sick of them at this point. Plus, making your own cards gives the cards a more personal touch.

If you’ve never tried rubber stamp embossing, below is a tutorial.

Rubber Stamp Embossing


  • Blank card & envelope – I used 5-1/2” square cards
  • Variety of stamps
  • VersaMark watermark stamp pad
  • Cutting board or mat
  • Embossing powders
  • Heat tool (like the Zap heat tool)

Embossing powders


Ink stamp with the VersaMark stamp pad. With the card laying flat on a cutting board or mat, press stamp firmly into the card and release. The VersaMark is clear, but if you hold the card up to the light, you’ll see a slightly darker watermark.

While the ink is still wet, liberally sprinkle embossing powder over the watermark. Firmly tap off any excess powder. If there are any sections without any powder, repeat.


Run the heat tool about 3-4” above the card. If you are using silver powder, you will see the powder bubble slightly and darken.

Follow the process above for each stamp. Let card dry for at least 15 minutes before using card.

Now you have beautiful custom thank you cards!


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