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Completed Sewing Project: The Tiramisu Dress

I love that this dress has pockets!

PatternTiramisu by Cake Patterns
Fabric: Jersey from Metro Textiles in NYC
Size: 35C

So this summer, I’ve sewn not just one, but TWO dresses! I love this print too. I picked it up at Metro Textile earlier this year when my sister was in town. Originally, I was planning to use this knit fabric to make a top to wear with blazers, but I realized I had just enough for Cake’s Tiramisu dress.

I had read that the sizing for the bodice was purposely designed so that there would be no gaping—fantastic! So, using the bodice formula, I was a size 35.  However, after I constructed the bodice and tried it on, it was ginormous—almost comically so. I panicked and Facetimed my sister (love technology!), who had made two dresses from this pattern already, to get her advice. Interestingly, even though we have completely different body types, we both had the same problem with the bodice. I ended up using the solution that she used by cutting off some of the bodice length and taking in the side seams.

Curtseying outside Gramercy Park.

In the end, I wound up shortening the bodice by an inch and taking in an inch on both side seams. The bodice still doesn’t fit as well as I’d like, but I’m hoping that after I wash it, the fabric will bounce back. Otherwise, I guess I‘ll have to take in the shoulders a little and add snaps where the bodice crosses over.

Aside from altering the bodice, it was an easy dress to sew and the instructions were very clear. Plus, it was nice that the instructions fit on one sheet. And this dress is soooo comfortable! I know that I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this dress before it gets cool.  I would only recommend that if you have an average bust for your size, that you may want to go down a bodice size.

Onto the next project!

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