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Loving Typography

Photo by splorp, via Flickr

So I know I’ve been a bit quiet here on The Stitcherati lately. As my sister says when she’s been on a small hiatus, it’s usually “life stuff.” I’ve been hard at work at putting together my graphic design portfolio. Exciting yet so scary at the same time. My original goal was to spend the month of December putting the portfolio together after I finished my last design class (snort!). Yeah, that didn’t happen. So after the new year, I knew I had to buckle down and get to it already! The last two weeks I’ve been all about 24/7 graphic design. I’ve been making, reading, thinking, even dreaming about design…you get the gist.

This morning I came across this video gem on typography. It’s nearly 30 minutes, but the speaker, Matthew Wyne, is so engaging, that if you’re a type enthusiast like I am, you’ll hardly notice the time. I believe he’s speaking to a group of high school students about the Typography Design program at Cooper Union. It’s a 5-week intensive program in which you come out of it with your own type design. Sounds easy! Oh no…


Are you inspired yet? I know I am!

P.S This week I also came across a website called, Flipping Typical. The site lets you preview all of the fonts you have loaded into your computer. It’s such a time-saver when you’re looking for the right font for a project!

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